The Italian Supply Chain

The Italian supply chain: Webuild at work with over 8 thousand companies that, from North to South, contribute to Italy's growth

The Webuild Group is designing and building some of the largest complex infrastructures in Italy, with a chain of production companies that are contributing to the nation's growth, with expertise considered among the best, worldwide.

Over 8 thousand small and medium-sized companies took part, from when works began, with Webuild, in the main 27 Italian infrastructural projects, for a total contractual value assigned to the supplier and subcontractor chain, of €11 billion, with 97% of these companies being Italian.

This complex system of companies creates jobs and employment in all Italian territories, also thanks to Progetto Italia, the operation to consolidate infrastructure in the Italian market. A supply chain that contributes to offering the image of an innovative and cutting-edge country, in the sector of large complex infrastructure, projecting towards the future.

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The Italian supply chain: Webuild at work with over 8 thousand companies

In 2020, the new Genoa San Giorgio Bridge was inaugurated: it is not just one of the most iconic Italian projects, but a virtuous model for enhancing skills in the infrastructure sector, with 330 Italian companies that contributed to building the new viaduct over the Polcevera, for a supply value exceeding €160 million.

Webuild and its supply chain, in the wake of the Genoa Model, are working, from North to South, for Italy's sustainable development and growth, also thanks to the new drive for investments coming from the resources and actions linked to the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza - PNRR).