Our Global Supply Chain

Webuild's global supply chain: a value chain with over 15,000 suppliers.

The Webuild Group is engaged in designing and implementing various infrastructure projects, globally. These contribute to the socio-economic development of the countries where the Group works, in the sustainable mobility, clean water, clean hydro-energy, and green buildings sectors.

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Each project is a complex and often unique work, requiring the contribution and work of many large, medium and small production companies, each being a crucial part of the success of the work itself.

About 15 thousand Italian and foreign companies, in the 2019-2020 two-year period, with the Webuild Group, participated in building about 100 infrastructure projects, for a total assigned contractual value for the supply chain equal to €8.4 billion.

This chain of production companies is made up of Italian premium companies, and not only. It creates jobs and employment in the countries where it works.

Each infrastructure is an opportunity for growth, and for enhancing the area where it is built.

Webuild believes in the value of building “collective” works, just like it did for Genoa's San Giorgio Bridge, which demonstrated a new participatory model for building infrastructure.

The Italian Supply Chain

The Italian supply chain: Webuild at work with 8 thousand companies that, from North to South, contribute to Italy's growth

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