Supplier Convention

In an increasingly competitive and challenging global context, an inclusive partnership that is open to discussion, is something to value, a stronghold, both for us and our suppliers.

Since 2016, our Supplier Convention has been organized on an annual basis: it is a moment to meet and discuss key issues concerning the infrastructure sector, with our supply chain, also focusing on its future development.

A meeting that is also an opportunity: Every year, it in fact also rewards suppliers who, within the supply chain, distinguished themselves for their innovation and collaboration, making a decisive contribution to the projects’ success.

2020 SUPPLY CHAIN CONVENTION: “Together, for sustainable growth"

Our 2020 Supplier Convention was entirely dedicated to sustainability. It was an opportunity to discuss and share a common commitment to creating a sustainable future of shared values, both for us and for the communities where we build our works.

Guiding the event, our Five pillars that acted as the key themes: People, Planet, Progress, Partnership, and Prosperity. These five sustainability pillars drive our business model and have inspired our top management's interventions.

During the convention, the Group's development strategies were illustrated to all participants, in light of Progetto Italia's implementation, with the distinctive value of sustainability seen as a business lever for the entire supply chain.

The 2020 edition, like every year, also ended with the awarding of those suppliers that stood out the most during the year.


2020 Supply Chain Convention: “Together, for sustainable growth"

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