The initiative

Together, for sustainable growth

Innovation and sustainability are strategic elements for greater competitiveness on the international markets. And also for seizing the opportunities offered in the short and medium term, by the Italian and international market.

Webuild, in this scenario, launched its "Supplier Development Hub", the programme to support the entire Italian supply chain (and more), to encourage its reconversion, in an innovation and sustainability perspective, through initiatives of comparison, sharing, and the mutual contamination of skills, technology and know-how.

Webuild's supply chain belongs to the engine to drive Italy's sustainable growth and economic recovery. Through its Supplier Development Hub programme, the Group is, in fact, committed to enabling innovation and sustainable development, while also increasing the skills of the production excellence of its supply chain and supporting the mutual growth and development of innovative start-ups.

The Supplier Development Hub programme includes initiatives, meeting moments, discussions and collaboration - Conventions, Webinars and Innovation Days - between Webuild and its supply chain companies, to discuss strategic issues for seizing the opportunities stemming from the infrastructure sector's growth, but also services for companies, with regard to innovation and sustainability, to enhance the supply chain and identify mutual growth opportunities in the sector.

Webuild's Supplier Development Hub: The digital platform that accelerates growth

The Supplier Development Hub platform, part of Webuild's programme, is a collaborative information and training network available for the infrastructure supply chain. A hub that intends to be:

  • A point for meeting and exchanging views, a place for developing new ideas and collaborative projects, on different intervention areas, involving cross industry suppliers, to encourage and support the sector's growth, in its entirety, and provide greater orientation, with regard to innovation and sustainable growth;
  • a communication and information channel, capable of strengthening and representing the Italian construction supply chain before institutions.
The initiative

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