SmartBox is an innovative, unique system, one of a kind. The result of the constant search for solutions, it aims at guaranteeing, in fact, the safety and continuous monitoring of construction vehicle performance.

The system is based on the use of digital technologies, to support the management of processes, in all project phases: from when the construction site start-ups, to when the project closes, always guaranteeing worker safety standards. And it also increases the efficiency of construction site management activities, and machinery and vehicle maintenance ones, capitalizing on the created know-how, while also allowing vehicle monitoring.

SmartBox was developed in 2021. It has already proved, in our Webuild construction sites, that it can create significant improvements.

Our SmartBox system will also be extended to our supply chain.

Why is SmartBox so important?

Smartbox allows an easier and more effective scheduling of maintenance activities, while also detecting the hours of vehicle usage, and when deadlines for scheduled maintenance are due. By monitoring the operating parameters, it also provides the information needed for detecting, identifying and solving failures. 

Smartbox helps prevent accidents, by monitoring the cameras installed on vehicles, and issuing anti-collision alarms. In fact, thanks to the cyclical video recordings in the control unit, the dynamics of each event that generated an alarm signal can be subsequently reconstructed.

Thanks to SmartBox, it will be possible to acquire and process, in just a few seconds, fundamental data, to improve the efficiency of entire fleets. Just think, for example, about fuel consumption, or the number of operating hours.