The New Genoa Breakwater Project

The New Genoa Breakwater is a globally speaking one-of-a-kind work, for its engineering complexity and dimensions, but also because it is built offshore, fully at sea, without the need to interrupt port activities. It will rest on the seabed at a 50-metre depth, one of the deepest worldwide for breakwaters, developing, in total, over a 6.2 km line.

The new infrastructure sets itself apart for the innovative technology used in the project and for the attention placed on sustainability, ensured by systems aimed at maximising circular economy, while also foreseeing the possibility of reusing and transforming inert materials.

The New Genoa Breakwater, one of the deepest worldwide for breakwaters
diga foraneadiga foranea

September 21, 2023: construction works of the first 850 columns now in the final stages

The first 850 gravel columns will be completed according by the end of September. The construction of this first group of columns will close the works of the first test camp. As of today, approximately 370 tons of gravel have been laid on the seabed. By the end of September, works on the block of columns of the second test camp will also begin.


DigaGenova BonificaBellicaDigaGenova BonificaBellica

August 1, 2023: unexploded ordnances search works started

An underwater search for unexploded ordnances along the seabed in a hyberbaric environment has started, for the first time in Italy. The 8 divers, in turn, will live for 60 days inside the hyperbaric system to clear the seabed. Consolidation activities also continue on the seabed: as of today, 220 gravel columns have been built.

Genoa, May 4, 2023 - Laying of the first stone for the New Genoa Breakwater


The Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority and the Pergenova Breakwater consortium led by Webuild, launched the construction works for the New Genoa Breakwater in the presence of the Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini.

The first stone was laid for the New Genoa Breakwater, a one-of-a-kind work for its engineering complexity, dimensions and overall benefits for Genoa and Italy. The day opened with an institutional meeting hosted in the "Sala delle Compere" hall in Palazzo San Giorgio, with a live connection for the operations at sea of the first jet of gravel to consolidate the seabed which will support the new breakwater.

The event was attended by Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini, Deputy Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Edoardo Rixi, Admiral Inspector and Liguria Maritime Director Sergio Liardo, Liguria Region President Giovanni Toti, Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci, Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority Chairman and Extraordinary Commissioner for the project Paolo Emilio Signorini, and Webuild CEO Pietro Salini.


video digagenovavideo digagenova
“Immersi nel futuro” – Posa della prima pietra della Nuova Diga Foranea di Genova
img digaimg diga
“Immersi nel futuro” – Una giornata per Genova: gli eventi in città per celebrare l’avvio dei lavori della nuova diga

Events in the city to celebrate the laying of the first stone of the New Genoa Breakwater

Celebrations were accompanied by a series of organized events for Genoa and its citizens, which ended in the evening with the "Sea of Light" light show and a musical performance.


The largest upgrading intervention for the Ligurian port area in the last 25 years

The new breakwater will enlarge transit and manoeuvring areas for ships inside the port, so that it can welcome a greater number of ships, becoming an infrastructure capable of allowing the Ligurian system and Italy to grow in competitiveness. This project will positively impact Genoa, its port, and the whole of Italy. It will create growth from when it is first built: in fact, 1,000 people will be newly employed for the work (directly and indirectly hired).. The work has been commissioned by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, and belongs to the Extraordinary Programme to relaunch the Port of Genoa.

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The New Genoa Breakwater Project in 3D
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La Nuova Diga Foranea di Genova, la più profonda d'Europa, spiegata da Geopop

The Consortium

Pergenova Breakwater” is the Consortium that won the project to build the New Genoa Breakwater.

The Consortium is made from: